August 20, 2020

Dear Slip and Boathouse Tenants,

Tropical Storm Laura and Tropical Depression 14 are expected to enter the Gulf early next week. In preparation, please take advantage of the time now to properly moor and secure your vessel. Please lower any antenna’s, remove or secure any sails, and remove any items on your boat or your pier that are not secured. Make sure your batteries are charged and your bilge pump is working. Make sure your lines to your boat are tight. You may want to double your lines. Make sure you have enough fenders and they are positioned correctly.



Proper storm preparation requires that each vessel owner is responsible for the proper mooring and securing of their vessel. Securing your vessel not only protects your property, but also your neighbor’s property. Please take a moment to review the following excerpt from the Harbor Rules & Regulations:

HRR-20. Proper Mooring and Securing of Vessels: Lessees shall be responsible for proper mooring and securing of their vessels, including any tenders, with proper sized marine grade lines in good condition, including appropriate chafe protection. During times of high winds and/or water, including without limitation times when the Harbor is subject to threat of a tropical storm or hurricane, Lessees shall take extra and appropriate precautions to insure that the vessels and any tenders are properly secured for the circumstances that might be anticipated. In circumstances where there is a threat of a tropical storm or hurricane, Lessees with sailing vessels shall remove and stow the sails and deck equipment that can reasonably be moved and stowed and tie down with additional lines sails that cannot reasonably be removed. Failure to properly moor and secure a vessel (in the fashion described herein) in advance of a tropical storm or hurricane shall be a “Hazardous Behavior”.

For Hurricane Preparation Tips, please visit the following Boat US website pages:

Closing of Flood gate: Once the Orleans Levee District makes the decision to close the flood gate on West Roadway (24 to 36 hours) prior to gale force winds hitting the New Orleans area, all pedestrian/vehicular access to and from West End will cease. MYHMC will use every effort to email all slip tenants upon receipt of notification from the Levee District as to the anticipated closure of the West Roadway flood gate. However, it is the responsibility of each vessel owner to keep up with the flood gate closure times through the Emergency Operations Center of the Levee District. Their phone number is (504)286-3140.

Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe.