West End Park

The beautiful and sleepy, oak-lined West End Park lies in the heart of New Orleans’ marina district and provides a true nautical and waterfront green space surrounded by quaint boathouses and the site of sailing regattas, picnics, ball games and recreation for all the people of New Orleans and the region.

The 14 acre park was originally constructed in the early part of the last century during a massive land reclamation program by the Orleans Levee Board. A large seawall was built 500 feet out into Lake Pontchartrain and was filled in to create this now mature park filled with bike and walking paths.

West End Park is an amazing and quiet refuge offering true vistas of Lake Pontchartrain – but it can become so much more.

A public process is currently underway to develop a Master Plan for West End, including West End Park. Significant improvements in the park can be expected – what they will include is part of the Master Plan process. Thanks to a generous grant from the Azby Foundation, the 1915 Darlington Electric Prismatic Fountain in the Park has been assessed in order to define what will be required to restore, operate and maintain it.

In an effort to improve the park, MYHMC is announcing that the “SEASON” is open on the cutting of the palmettos around the base of the oak trees. There is “NO LIMIT” on the number that can be harvested! MYHMC asks that the harvesters cut the stalks as close to the ground as possible, and that they “DO NOT DRIVE ON THE GRASS”! Thank you for helping to improve West End Park.

The American Heart Association installed walking path signage around West End Park which was sponsored by United Healthcare. On September 9, 2015 the Association hosted a “Walking Path Dedication”.